Sunday, September 03, 2006

September11 - Libraries Remember

The Second Life Library will honor September 11 through a national library program which has existed for four years started by the Bensenville Public Library - September 11 - Libraries Remember. There may be nothing more antithetical to terrorism, hatred, bigotry, and fanaticism than the American Public Library. Libraries all over the world are commemorating September 11 by staying open 24 hours and sponsoring special programs. To pay tribute to September 11, the library will have a display designed by Brackish Ludwig with a photo montage and replicas of the twin towers before and after September 11, 2001. The display will be open later this week. Most people can remember what they were doing on Pearl Harbor Day and on September 11, 2001. On Monday night, September 11, at 6 pm sl, the library will have a program where anyone who wishes to come can share their memories of September 11 and how it has affected life around the world. The program will be open mic and everyone is welcome to share.

The Second Life Library on Info Island is pleased to welcome a new non-profit partner: The Lower Eastside Girls Club. The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York has built a kiosk on Info Island to give SL residents a look at the programs and the future ofthe club. In the fall of 2006 they will begin establishing a presence
on the Teen Grid and will be using Second Life in their science, math
and technology programs. They also plan to extend their current RL
fashion and design classes into Second Life, designing and selling
clothes for SL residents.

The Girls Club was founded ten years ago to address the lack of girls
clubs in the East Village of New York. That neighborhood was the only
place in the country where Boys Clubs of America did not merge with
Girls Clubs, choosing to maintain boys only facilities. Several
mothers decided to establish a girls club, and worked toward building
a full facility and community center on Avenue D, across from the
housing projects. In spring of 2007 they will break ground on their
building, with help from public and private donations.

Their programs include digital photography, video, blogging and
podcasting; farmers market, nutrition and environmental projects;
entrepreneurship training and commercial bakery; and social activism.
A book of photographs documenting an exchange with Maya women
photographers of Chiapas, Mexico, was published in the spring of 2006.
The kiosk in Second Life will present a featured video or animation
produced by the girls, as well as photos and Girls Club links on a
notecard. The small kiosk will be expanded in the next few months to
show more work by girls.

With help from Info Island and Teen Island, the Girls Club will create
homes in both real life and Second Life. Please stop by the kiosk at
Info Island (19, 158, 33) for more information, or IM LESGC technology
director Usu Ventura in-world.

On Friday, September 8, library staff will give Bryan Mnemonic's English class from Central Missouri State University a tour of Info Island and resources available. If you would like a tour for your class or group, please contact Lorelei Junot or Abbey Zenith.


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