Saturday, August 12, 2006

Search Central, Henry VIII, and Librarian's Night Out

Next week Second Life Library will introduce "Search Central" developed by Hugo Dalgleish. There will be a Search Central near Parvenu Towers and one in the main library. Visitors will be able to search within Second Life by speaking their search for google, wikipedia, or OCLC Open World Cat where they can see where books are located all over the world. More on this exciting development soon.

On Friday night, August 11, about twenty people attended a program at the open air auditorium by Henry VIII who talked about his life and wives. Although he died in 1547, noted by many, he is now excited to have a Second Life. The picture shows pictures of Henry and his six wives. Several wanted him to return again to talk about his political achievements.

Librarians have been working hard all summer on Info island. Librarian Abbey Zenith planned a Librarian's Night out at the Alquimia Club where everyone danced and had a great time. Abbey won the prize for Best Dressed Female, Percival Ogg won for best dressed male, and Lorelei Junot won a prize for Wildest librarian.


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