Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Egyptian Exhibit by Aura Lily; This week at Info Island

Visit Info Island to see a new exhibit by Aura Lily, a build similar to the Kiosk of Trajan. Info Island 24, 42, 33)

This is a build similar to the Kiosk of Trajan found on the Island of Philae. The Kiosk was also known as the "Pharoah's Bed". The Kiosk was one of the landings for people visiting the island.

The Emperor Trajan lived around 100 AD

Below is a pictrure of the Kiosk as it stands today on the Island of Agilkia northwest of Philae Island in Upper Egypt.

Aura Lily has a much more extensive collection of her work at her villa at
Amazon Land, Themiskyra, Themiskyra (52, 241, 36), her treausre room of Egyptian artifacts at Eros (123, 185, 146).

Go and visit her immersirve Egyptian exhibit. Many thanks to Aura for her beautiful display. If you have questions you can IM Aura on second life.

Search Central is now here. Next to Parvenu Towers, you can search World Cat with holdings for books all over the world and google from within Second Life. You can also do with from within the main library. Next to the weclcome area, visitors can search Amazon and get stock prices. These are developed by Hugo Dalgleish and Tabataha Hegel, owner of Life2Life Bookstore.

Other Activites at Second Life Library this week
Monday 9 a.m sl , 11 a.m . central - Tour for Informaion Commons group

Monday 2 pm al, 4 p.m. central - Tour
6 pm sl - 8 pm central - SLL VR meeting in main room of central library

Tuesday - 4 pm sl - Meeting of SL Business communicators group at open air auditorium - Abbey Zenith and Lori Bell will provide a tour of business resources
Tuesday - 6 pm sl - Meeting of the Kuurian Expedition group - contact Poinky Malaprop for more information
Wed - 7 pm sl - Program by Troy McLuhan of the Internatianal Space and Science Museum followed by a tour

Watch this blog and the events calendar for more events. Eiseldora Reisman is back and will be providing a variety of events and activities on Info Island.

Medical Librarian Namro Orman has just returned from holiday and is moving into his new medical library quarters. If you want to help out hwere, contact Namro.

Abbey Zenith and Kari Meadowbrook continue to work on the science and technology area on fifth floor of Parvenu Towers and Lorelei Junot is working on humanities and social sciences. If any of these areas interest you,please contact us.


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