Friday, July 21, 2006

What A Week at Info Island!

The week started well with Maxito Ricardo, Caroline Keats, and I giving a tour of the island and introduction to medical resources on the Internet to Sojourner's stroke victim group.

Tech Soup had a wonderful mixed reality event to show their new directory of non-profits in Second Life, and various speakers, including a library representative talked on their organizations to a crowd of nearly 60. The event was wonderful. Glitter and her group did a tremendous job and it was exciting to have so many people on the island.

Then, a digital tsunami as Milo put it. Most of the things on the island disappeared. Within a day, Second Life had us back up and running again. After the upgrade, disappearance again. That same night, Second Life had us up and running again. I hope we never experience that again.

Milo Czervic, one of our partners on Info Island who runs the ICT library has a beautiful brand new library designed and built by AngryBeth Shortbread.

Jenna Darrow and Max Batra have a new Mystery Manor full of posters and information on mysteries and mystery authors. What fun we will have at Halloween.

The World of E! Spiral Mandelbrot posted to the list an idea to offer something on Info Island to celebrate the World Ebook Fair. There is a new high tech display on the lawn with information on the World Ebook Fair and links to e-books, e-movies, and e-audio. We are planning programs on Info Island on ebooks in real life and ebooks in Second Life. More on that once we have complete plans.

The Early Illinois Women's Exhibit on the lawn at Info Island has moved to our nineteenth century library in Caledon. CoyoteAngel Dimsum has donated the land and the building. It is exciting to get started with this special library.


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