Monday, August 07, 2006

Two Exciting Upcoming Mixed Reality Events: Virtual Worlds, Education and Libraries

Alliance Library System is pleased to announce Innovation Days: 2006 - "Virtual Worlds and Alternate Realities: Where Do Education and Libraries Fit In?"

There are two events, both which will be held at Alliance in East Peoria in person, on OPAL via audiocast, and at the Second Life Library Open Auditorium using OPAL for Audio.

Thursday, October 12- Virtual Worlds and Education - The Cutting Edge
In-person - $10 per person for dinner, register on CLEO on ALS Website
OPAL and Second Life - email me at to indicate you are coming so I can send audio link- no fee
Welcome and Introdcutions - Kitty Pope, Executive Director, Alliance Library System
4:00 pm sl, 6:00 p.m. central - Overview of Higher Education Activities in Second Life - John Lester, Community Manager, Linden Labs - Librarians bring your interested teachers and administrators! Learn about exciting learning activities and projects universities are undertaking in Second Life.
4:45 p.m. sl, 6:45 p.m. central - What Bradley University is Doing in Second Life for Education and Libraries - Edward Lee Lamoureux, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Multimedia Program and Department of Communication, Co-Director, New Media Center and Barbara Galik, Director - Cullom Davis Library, Bradley University
5:15 pm sl; 7:15 p.m. central - Education Activities at Alliance Library System in Second Life - Tom Peters, CEO TAP Information Services, and Lori Bell, Alliance Library System
5:45 pm sl; 7:45 pm central - Questions

Friday, October 13 - Virtual Worlds and Alternate Realities - Where do Libraries Fit in?
In person - $10 per person for lunch, register on CLEO on ALS Website
OPAL and Second Life - email me at to indicate you are coming so I can send audio link - no fee
7:30 am sl, 9:30 central - Welcome and Introductions, Kitty Pope, Executive Director Alliane Library System
7:45 a.m. sl and 9:45 a.m. central - Introduction to Virtual Worlds and Educational Activities in Second Life - John Lester, Pathfinder Linden, Community Education manager, Second Life
Never been in a virtual world? Can't imagine what they are? This is your opportunity to hear about exciting, creative, and interactive educational, medical, and other applications in Second Life. There are immersrive ancient Egyptian worlds; a nineteenth century setting where everyone dresses in Victorian clothes, the buildings are period, and we have a library; and International Space and Flight Museum; and campuses where universities are teaching classes in new and exciting ways.
8:45 a.m. sl and 10:45 a.m. central - The Alliance Second Life Project and How to Get Involved- Kitty Pope, Lori Bell, and Mary-Carol Lindbloom, Alliance
Want to get involved and offer these services to your patrons? We will show you what we are doing and how you can get involved
10:00 a.m., 12 noon central - not on OPAL or Second Life - Technology Leadership in Real Life, Lori Johnson, CIO, Pearl Technologies
The rest offered in real time, OPAL and Second Life - some presentations from Second Life
11:30 a.m. sl and 1:30 pm central - The Teen Second Life Project and How to Get Involved - Kelly Czarnecki, Teen Services Librarian, and Matt Gullett, Technology Education Librarian, Imaginon, Public Library of Chalotte and Mecklenburg County
Want to offer interactive library services where they are on the Internet? Learn about this exciting new service for teens your libraries can offer.
12 noon sl time and 2:00 pm central - Perspective of the Millenial Librarian on Libraries in Virtual Worlds- Jami Schwarzwalder, Library and Information Sciences Graduate Student, Indiana University
12:30 pm sl, 2:30 pm central - Thoughts About What We've Learned About Libraries and Virthual Worlds Over The Last Six Months - Tom Peters, Second Life Project Evaluator, TAP Information Services
Tom Peters will talk about what we have learned and the future of libraries in virtual worlds during the six months of the Alliance Second Life Library proejct.

Email Lori Bell at for more information


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