Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This week at Info Island: Amazon in world Search and Henry VIII

Info Island is open now with services, events, and materials we hope
you will enjoy. Please stop by and visit. Our grand opening event
will be October 14 when we will have a day full of tours, orientations
and special events to celebrate. Gonzo Mandelbrot is in charge of
this. As we have more information, we will share it.

Tabatha Hegel, who owns the Life2Life bookstore in Second Life and Hugo
Dalgleish have created an in-world ability to search the Amazon.com website
for books. They have generously put this wonderful search tool on Info Island
and readers can search the U.S., Canadian, UK, and Japanese Amazon site with
a key word typed into the text chat with a /1keyword. The search will bring up 5 search results and with your movie screen control, you can view the cover of the book. This is the one of the first integration of web into Second Life initiatives and is very exciting. We are still working on the display, but the site is completely functional now. Thanks to Tabatha and Hugo. We are hoping to have search engines and other functionality if possible.

Henry VIII will visit the Second Life Library open auditorium Thursday August 3
at 5 pm sl, 7 pm central, and 8 pm eastern. He will share his story and answer questions about his life during the sixteenth century in England.

Parvenu Tower is the latest addition to Info Island. Built by Vince
Parvenu, the building will have a theater which will seat up to 50 and
nine other floors with a beautiful view of the ocean. Staff are
working on a display with materials from the Library of Congress on
the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Shadow Fugazi is
leading this group the the display will be open in a few weeks! The
third floor will hold business and government documents resources and
we are working on the other floors to add additional resources and

Logannn8 Lombardi, an architectural student, is building a new medical
library. It should be finished in three weeks and we will have an
open house so that you can view our medical resources and services.
Namro Orman is our medical librarian.

In the central library, Robin Chamberlin has created an anime/manga
area where visitors can view materials and relax. In the future we
will have some programs on this topic. In the meantime, stop by and
visit this fun and imaginative area.

We are adding titles on display in the central library - many created
in Second Life. Some of the free copies of public domain books you
can take were created by Naru SLibrary located in Naru. Stop by and
see their neighborhood library. Contact Slinky Stiglitz for more
information. This new sim also has a community theater.

The library branch in Caledon is taking shape. We will be adding
books and audio books there in addition to some special nineteenth
century magazines and resources. Contact JJ Drinkwater or Lorelei
Junot for more information and suggestions.

Info Island is also home to the wonderful ICT Library which has a
number of free tools, scripts, and materials for edcuators. Stop in
and make use of these wonderful resources. Info Island also is proud
to host TechSoup and World Bridges.

If you would like to know of any specific services or would like a
tour for your group, please contact Lorelei Junot and we will be happy
to schedule a tour designed specifically for your group.


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