Friday, July 07, 2006

New Special Collections from Illinois State Digital Archives, OCLC provides database trials

WWII Posters

During World War II the United States government issued posters on topics such as national security, rationing and conservation, investing in war bonds, military recruitment, civil defense, and industrial production. These posters were part of an aggressive propaganda campaign designed to encourage and mobilize the home front war effort. Artists such as James Montgomery Flagg, Otto Fischer, Ben Shahn, and Norman Rockwell contributed their talents to create some of these posters.

This collection, from the Illinois State Library, contains posters issued by various United States government agencies from the beginning of the war through 1945.

Vachel Lindsay

Vachel Lindsay

The Vachel Lindsay Collection is comprised largely of materials containing the published prose and poetry of Vachel Lindsay in formats such as posters, newspaper and magazine articles, booklets, pamphlets, magazines and books. Other items include newspaper and magazine articles that contain biographical information on Lindsay and his family, critiques of his work and memorials and tributes to Lindsay. A small collection of photographs include Lindsay, his family, Elizabeth Graham, the Lindsay Verse Speaking Choir, 1940 and his tombstone. Phonograph recordings of Lindsay reading his works and his son, Nicholas Cave Lindsay, reading his father's poems make up another part of the collection.
Two scrapbook albums put together by Frances "Fannie" Hamilton, the younger sister of Vachel's mother contain materials about Lindsay from 1914 to about 1930. The albums include poems, drawings, private publications, clippings about and by Lindsay, a lock of his hair and some photographs. Bound volumes of his work include The Tramp's Excuse, The Village Magazine first edition, The Village Magazine third and fourth editions, Vision Magazine, A Letter About My Four Programmes and a notebook kept by Joy Lindsay Blair, Vachel's younger sister.

These digital images, made available by the Sangamon Valley Collection at the Lincoln Library (Springfield), are of photographs from this collection

OCLC provides trial access to databases for Second Life residents

Computer terminals with access and directions to these databases have been set up in the main library and the high rise library. Training will be planned soon.


At 7/15/2006 2:02 PM, Blogger Larry Stevens said...

This is very interesting. I happen to be the Secretary of the Vachel Lindsay Association as well as a beginner 3-D modeler.

I had always dreamed of a 3-D model of Springfield circa 1856 or thereabouts, or perhaps even a 4-D model that would represent the town from 1818 to the present.

Only within the past few weeks have I discovered the beta app SketchUp offered by Google Earth and begun teaching myself how to make models. I have only considered modeling exteriors though. (See my first tries here. I can't imagine how huge the files would get if I tried exteriors AND interiors.

This is some amazing stuff here. I guess I'm going to have to plug myself into this effort somehow.


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