Monday, July 10, 2006

Tech Soup to offer mixed reality event in person and in second life

Net Tuesday Mixed Reality Event: SecondLife for Nonprofits

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Real World Location:

Net2 HQ
322 Ritch St. 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, California

Virtual Location:
>From Second Life, click on the blue map button at the bottom of the screen. In the Find Region field, type "" (without quotations) and include mature regions, click Show Location and then Teleport to go there.
Registration is free to create your avatar, but you will need to
provide your mobile phone number or credit card (which will not be

Here is the SLurl to TechSoup's virtual location:

You need to be logged into SL to open this SLurl, and then once you
click, open your map and click teleport. You will be teleported to


Every month, Web innovators and those who promote social change
congregate in a shared effort to bring the social Web to nonprofits and
NGOs all over the world. These meetings are referred to as Net Tuesday

July's Net Tuesday will feature a presentation about how nonprofits can
use Second Life, a multiplayer community on the Web. In Second Life,
users create their own characters (called avatars) and help build a
virtual 3D world that's created entirely by its inhabitants and limited
only by the imagination.

Second Life boasts a successful marketplace, social interactions, and
civic activities; it's a virtual community rather than a game, and
nonprofits can benefit from this community in a number of ways. The Net
Tuesday event, which will occur on July 18th, will be held at
TechSoup's satellite office in Second Life.

Susan Tenby, Online Community Manager of, and Jeska
Dzwigalski, Community Manager at Linden Lab, (the company that created
and runs Second Life), will present a tour of this online community,
including TechSoup's satellite office. The presenters will also demo a
directory of nonprofit organizations in the Second Life world. Finally,
the event will feature a number of guest speakers from organizations
who are actively working in the Second Life community to better achieve
their organization's missions.

The event will simultaneously occur both virtually, in Second Life and
in the physical world. We will be displaying audio/video footage of
both environments to show participants in both locations what is
happening at that time.

To ensure smooth operation of the virtual event, we will restrict the
TechSoup space to those on the guest list, which operates on a
first-come-first-serve basis and will be capped at about 50

For more newbie and How-To information, check out the Second Life wiki:

Here is a great intro piece on how SL can be used for serious purposes:

This Net Tuesday will take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month rather
than the 2nd, on July 18th.


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