Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lots of things going on at Info Island

Science fiction author Bud Sparhawk talked to an audience of about 30 at the Info Island new open air theater donated by the International Space and Flight Museum in Second Life.

Soon Club Lib will open for information seekers on the island to have fun and relax by dancing.

Last week we had several excellent Ebsco consumer health training sessions by Maxito Ricardo. Instructions are out on posters with computers that visitors can use to try the database to find consumer health information.

Crowd for Bud Sparhawk

The new library highrise has a reference area, a media viewing area, a conference room area, government documents, an academic area, and we are working on more.

Our new main library designed and built by builder Vincent Parvenu is now complete. We have a main meeting room which groups are able to use; and we are building special collections such as World War II posters, a nineteenth century author room, an anime/manga collection or more.

We have a number of presentations coming up for academic libraries. We think this may be one of the primary ways academic libraries serve patrons in the future. Please contact Lorelei Junot in world or Lori Bell at if you would like a tour or like to become involved.


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