Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dobbit Do program at Second Life Library

On Sunday July 9 at the Second Life Open air theater you will have the opportunity to hear authors Woodward and Witt talk about their writing and recently released book "Dobbit Do."

Woodward and Witt began their writing career quite by accident when Pamela Woodward became ill. The couple (who are married) began to tell the story of "Sharon" back and forth to keep Pamela's mind active. The illness progressed until Pamela actually passed away, only to come back in a minute or so, but the experience drove the pair to bring together the simple notes that Wilbur Witt had been keeping and the manuscript for Sharon was brought to be. Sharon has never been edited. In a dream Witt saw a vision that told him that the book would bring joy to millions but would never be financially successful, however because of it other books would be written that would reward the couple. They passed free copies around to friends until it became difficult to keep up with the demand and then they went to a publisher to help. Sharon is a unique blend of Judea,Christian, Islamic culture that each reader finds a slightly different meaning underlying it's story (which has absolutely NOTHING todo with Pamela's illness!)

The next novel was CigarBox which began to relieve the grief caused by the death of a daughter in law on Christmas day. What began as a form of therapy quickly led to a novel with two rewrites. This current version (Copyright 2003) is the one offered here, however a new version is in the works. June Montgomery still lives in the Avatar Emerald Pixie whom you can meet on any Saturday night at the parthenon. June's son, Micheal helps operate the image and keeps his mother's image alive in this small way.

Dobbit Do was the first book written by the duo after realizing that they just may have a talent for weaving a story. Dobbit was a fun book for the couple even though it was a horror, sci-fi book. Pamela bought a doll for Wilbur and perched it above his computer until he consented to write the book. The doll (affectionately named "Dobbit Do") stayed there until the last line, and a description of him appears in the jail scene in the novel.

Woodward and Witt are mystical writers, working together, burning incense and meditating to expand their minds and plots. You will enjoy wandering in their world. Their storys touch the mind and soul, and are not "children's" tales. Real people inhabit real worlds in their books, and you will cry in Sharon, flinch with June dies, and very definately think twice before taking your next IM after reading about Dobbit Do.

Enjoy! Real Woodward and Witt with a bottle of wine, and someone you love!


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