Monday, April 24, 2006

Reference Desk

Hi this is Eiseldora, ER for short.

Today I spent my time making the lovely Ref Desk in the image to the right. This is no ordinary desk. Inside I have notecards with information about our library, events, and librarians.

Curious (seated next to me) wrote a script that allows the user to just touch the desk and receive the information.

I also was able to put a terminal for Project Library in the "stacks area" Since it can be confusing to access the information I wrote instructions that can be found above the terminal.

Lastly I placed a sign board next to the teleport, with information about current events and an invitation to come inside.

If you couldn't tell I like to modify things and decorate. I also have acquired many free items to use for decorating. IM me in game if you want to know where to find something, or want a specific item.

Hope to see you in SL


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