Sunday, April 23, 2006


In a not-altogether-unanticipated move, Rain Noonan has traded our 2800 meter plot for a shiny new 4200 meter expanse. This gave us more room to install the larger version of the last building in use in Juanita (our old haunt). Getting the building in place was no easy task. On installation, it was facing the wrong way.

But with Rain Noonan and the unflagging assistance of Brackish Ludwig, the building was rotated into place. These shots show the process.

Of course, a building is just a building. Much credit must be given to Eiseldora Reisman, who spent much of the day decorating. Here she is showing off the rooftop picnic area.

And just a few other shots to give you some flavor (but sadly not much sense of the space as a whole).

And here's a shot of the exterior as it now appears, landscaped accordingly.

It's amazing how much dedication is being poured into this project. And we're only just beginning, so please join the fun. Go on, ask me how.

There's certainly been a great deal of interest from within the Second Life community. Visitors are already stopping by with curiosity, questions and offers of assistance. And I've heard rumors of some media coverage within the next week. Phenomenal.

On a side note, if you are not familiar with Second Life, teens have a separate "grid" or virtual world that they can (actually, they must) interact on. An effort has been initiated (thanks to Kelly Czarnecki) to provide library services within that unique space. Toward that end, Kelly has started a blog worth reading.


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