Sunday, April 23, 2006

Presentation, Discussion, and Bookcases

Today I did a lot of work adding furniture and plants to the library. In the smaller building the roof seemed too good of a place to have presentations, so I created a space there. I learned many things from that experience, and now I have created a space I like even better than the old one. The idea is that a presenter can stand behind the podium on the middle part of the roof and people can sit where they want, moving cameras to see. At any time we can copy chairs and add more if needed, but I tried to balance prim with need.

After I had my fun with the roof I took all the chairs I had that didn't fit well into the roof layout and created a discussion room. I tried to make it all a comfortable color, but I have the feeling the roof and the room are a bit on the girly side, instead of neutral.

After decorated the rooms I decided to try my hand an making carpet, which I am thrilled to say turned out very well.

My last voyage of the evening took me to a new place I hadn't been before that had copies of book and a 1 prim bookcase. I played with the privileges and tried to allow the bookcase to contain notecard books. I am still working on the functionality, and possibly security. If nothing else we could fill the bookcase with classics and allow patrons to take what they want for free. I have a feeling that people won't go to the trouble of making the books available on the free lot when they are already free at the library. It would seem like more trouble than its worth.


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