Friday, October 06, 2006

New Library Search HUD by Damek Tretiak

Damek Tretiak in SL and Patrick Ward in RL has created a special search HUD(heads-up display) which can also reside on the user's screen for Second Life Library. Library users can ask a question via Question Point via chat or via email, search world-cat, wikipedia, google, view a map of the library, Amazon,, and Second Life itself. According to Damek, this is only the beginning. Currently in Second Life, the only ways we are aware of to search the web is through other search mechanisms created by Hugo Dalgleigh and a 411 search engine. When finished searching, the user can minimize the small search screen on their Second Life screen. Users can get one of these free of charge in front of the library in the Second Life Library kiosk. If you have further suggestions for the HUD, contact Damek Tretiak or Lorelei Junot. The search engine is powered by

In real life, Damek is the CTO for a small, international company called TransWorld. He works with several European auto makers managing port operations and other activities related to the United States market. He also has several associated companies such as a marketing group and a new restaurant management group. Damek has been in the software industry for around 10 years now, building everything from real-time inventory management systems to e-commerce sites on the Internet. He joined Second Life mainly because he was curious about what the fuss was about, but quickly realized its potential. His mission soon became to find new ways to be creative with the information we have available in RL, and of course have a little fun! Again, the Search HUD is just the beginning. The library is thankful to Damek for creating such a wonderful tool which should help library users.


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