Thursday, October 05, 2006

Upcoming Programs for Info island and NMC Library

*On Tuesday, October 10, Jeff Barr (Jeff Batra in Second Life), Web Services Evangelist at, will discuss the
full line of Amazon's web services from a technical and business
perspective on Tuesday October 11 at 5 pm s. The presentation will
include a review of developer activity within Second Life and there
will be ample time for discussion and Q&A. Open air auditorium, Info island, 141,
81, 33

NMC library programs
i *On Wednesday,October 11 at 5 pm sl, Henry VIII will visit the NMC library to talk about his life and how biographers have villified him. Come and heckle Henry during his one hour program.

*On Monday, October 16 at 7 pm SLT/PST, Lorelei Junot and Maxito Ricardo will host an informal discussion in the NMC library on “Digital Media and how it is Affecting Libraries.” There are now downloadable audio books, ebooks, and video. Libraries are stretching their budgets on new media to keep students engaged. Lorelei and Maxito will discuss current trends and open up the topic for discussion. The program will last approximately one hour and will be held at the NMC library.

*On Saturday October 21 at 12 noon sl, Troy McLuham, from the International Space and Flight Museum will present a program on “Life on Mars?” at the NMC library which begins with a 14-slide presentation, including prepared notes (chat text). He encourages interruptions for questions, comments, and discussion… that’s what makes it fun and interesting! It’s a historical overview of humanity’s knowledge about life existing on Mars, now or in the past. he usually allow san hour for it… the exact duration depends on the size of the audience and how much discussion arises. Come and catch a surprise!


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