Sunday, April 30, 2006

Introduction to SL for newbie librarians

Intro Workshop_037
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Last evening Katt Kongo of the Mettaverse Messenger (pictured right) gave a presentation on the roof of the library for us librarians that are still getting our feet wet when it comes to SL. Topics such as basic object manipulation, teleporting, dancing, chat & IM, friends, gestures, and the camera view were covered in this 1.75-hour session. (Snapshots of most of her slides can be found int he flickr photo pool.) All of the attendees enjoyed the presentation and didn't seem to mind that the session, scheduled for one hour, went as long as it did.

One side comment: I don't know what the official etiquette is but please, if you're attending a workshop, and you want to have a conversation with someone that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, please use IM instead of chat. The rest of us don't need the distraction.


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