Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Exciting updates

Many updates....
1) The first citizen advisory meeting will be held at the library education center at 3 sl time Saturday. The chair of the committee, Patrick Witherspoon, will moderate the meeting via audio so if you want to attend and hear the audio, go to the Second Life audio room at
Minimize that window. The meeting will be held in Second Life. You can respond and discuss via text chat in Second Life - but he will moderate via audio.

2) The programming group wll meet at the education center at 4 sl time Saturday to discuss a fundraising/opening event. Greg Schwartz has a lot of great ideas.

3) Namro is doing a great job with the medical library. To highlight this part of Second Life Library 2.0, Ebsco Consumer Health is giving Second Life Library and its patrons a trial during June and July. During this time, Maxito Ricardo will do workshops for patrons on how to use Ebsco Consumer Health and how to find consumer health information on the Internet. We can also discuss other health oriented programs for this promotion at the meeting Saturday.

4) We will have an OPAL program on the Second Life Library 2.0 at 2:00 p.m. central, 3 p.m. Eastern, and noon Pacific on May 31. Greg Schwartz has agreed to speak. Eiseldora, Zach, Maxito, Namro, BlueWings and Ray, or anyone else willing to speak on the great efforts you have made on behalf of this project? Please let me know as I will soon put out publicity on this program.

5) We have a jukebox radio in the library. Several commented that they would like music.


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