Friday, September 29, 2006

Info Island This week: Halloween Haven of Horror to Science Center

The Library Gallery opens with "Blurred Realities" October 7th!

A new gallery opens on Info Island on October 7th! The
initial show is entitled "Blurred Realities", which explores
the zoom blur photography technique of Bucky Barkley. Bucky
explains: "A Zoom Blur is a bit like an impressionistic painting,
done completely in-camera in a half second. It's also a wonderful
way to wear out a lens!". Come see the photos, the 3 story space,
see old friends, and make new ones. Opening event is on
Saturday, October 7th - 6-8 pm SL time. The gallery is located
at Info Island (24, 125, 33).

A meeting for planning the new Science Center headed up by Hayduke Ebisu was held on Info Island II Thursday night and attended by 8 people. If you would like to participate and join the Science Center group, contact Hayduke Ebisu.

Info Island I will be decorating the libraries for Halloween during the next few weeks. One of the exhibits is Halloween Haven of Horror: Stephen Kind Reads Here." If you are looking for good scary horror books, this is the place to go - to our mausoleum of good scary reads.

Stop by Info island to play a game of giant checkers created by Librarian Eiseldora Reisman.

Chris Reitveld has build a Victorian bookshop which is on Info Island II for Halloween and Christmas.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Activities this week at Info island - "the Early Years of Elizabeth I"

Info Island/Second Life Library is pleased to be working in collaboration with the New Media Consortium on library services and resources for their beautiful library. Watch this column and the NMC Campus Observer for updates. The libraries will work together to provide a variety of services, events, training and resources for students and residents of Second Life.

Approximately 20 people attended an excellent program given by author Greyfox Book (Jon Klements in real life) about his writings on superheroes.

"The Early Years of Elizabeth I" will be presented at the Second Life Library open air auditorium on Wednesday September 27 at 5 pm sl. The young Elizabeth I herself will visit Info Island to share the story of her early years before taking the throne of England at age 25, Elizabeth I is thought to be one of the greatest monarchs of English history. Come and hear her story and ask her questions.

Reference librarians on Info island are staffing the welcome/reference desk several hours per day to help visitors and answer reference questions. Terminals have benn placed around the island so visitors can ask questions via email or text chat with a librarian via Question Point software. Soon, we hope to place these in other educational locations. If you have informational questions, visit Info island for help from librarians.

There is a new exhibits building built by Shadow Fugazi on Info Island II. It currently displays the Library of Congress Declaration of Independence and will feature new displays from Library of Congress and other places every few months.

Info Island II has a new movie theater and events area called the SL Pantheon Picture House. The building was constructed by Nubian Bliss. Old movies and other types of entertainment will be offered here. Watch the Second Life events calendar! The building was purchased with funds from the second prize in the Talis Library Mashup contest.

Hayduke Ebisu is Founder of a Science Center which is being built on Info Island II. If you are interested in science, and would like to become involved, please contact Hayduke Ebisu.

Experience the magic and mystery of Xibalba inside and outside. Usu Ventura has just finished building the first stage of Xibalba, an evocation of the Maya Otherworld. It features a Second Life version of
the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico. Inside the temple
is a gallery of Maya art and architecture. Donations will benefit the
Hospitalito in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, which is rebuilding after
a mudslide destroyed it in 2005. You can visit at Info island II
41,217, 24. For more information, contact Usu Ventura.

October is Charles Dickens month at the Caledon branch library. On October 19, there will be a discussion of Dicken's novel "Hard Times" and on Halloween, Dickens' ghost stores will be shared. For more information on the Caledon branch, contact JJ Drinkwater, Head of the Caledon branch.

The grand opening for the Alliance Second Life Library/Info Island is scheduled for October 13 and 14. On Friday, the 13th, Mystery Manor will show horror films at the new theater and host a costume ball with prizes for the best costumes. On October 14, a variety of fun activities and tours of the library will be available. More details will be provided closer to that time. Put the date on your calendars!

If you have ideas for programs, training , or materials you would like to see offered by Second Life Library, please contact Lorelei Junot or Abbey Zenith. If you have a class or a group that would like a tour, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This week at Info island: a glimpse of Info Island II

Author Greyfox Book, Jon Klements in real life, gave a program on his writing on superheroes at the Second Life Library. Approximately 25 people attended.

Reference librarians on Info island are staffing the welcome/reference desk several hours per day to help visitors and answer reference questions. Terminals like these have benn placed around the island so visitors can also ask questions via email or text chat with a librarian via Question Point software. Soon, we hope to place these in other educational locations.

This is new new exhibits building built by Shadow Fugazi on Info Island II. It currently displays the Library of Congress Declaration of Independence and will feature new displays from Library of Congress and other places every few months.

This is the new SL Pantheon Picture House built with funds from Talis Mashing the Library Compeititon prize money. This theater, managed by Thea Donovan will regularly show old time movies and will host other events too. This beautiful building was built by Nubian Bliss. Opening soon. Watch the SL events calendar for events coming up. The last picture is an interior of the lobby of the theater decorated by Abbey Zenith.

Come to the exquisite pyramid of XIBALBA. Drop inside and see the treasures awaiting you built by Usu Venura.

What else is coming for Info Island II?

We are currently working on a Science Center, headed by Hayduke Ebisu. He has assembled a great team of people to bring science information to Second Life.

Our grand opening is October 13-14; more information and a schedule out this week on that. It will be fun.

We hope to have some announcements of some other exciting developments we are working on too to improve library services. If you want to become involved, please contact me-

Sunday, September 17, 2006

MAYA Avatars in the Underworld - XIBALBA


First SL Maya Museum opens on Info Island II

Usu Ventura has just finished building the first stage of Xibalba, an
evocation of the Maya Otherworld. It features a Second Life version of
the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico. Inside the temple
is a gallery of Maya art and architecture. Donations will benefit the
Hospitalito in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, which is rebuilding after
a mudslide destroyed it in 2005. You can visit at Info island II
41,217, 24

"After years of visiting the Maya region and working with
archaeologists, I wanted to convey some of the mystery and beauty of
the ancient Maya civilization" Usu says. "And the themes in the
artwork, showing avatars of mythic characters battling and tricking
the gods of the Otherworld, certainly have resonance here in Second

The exhibit will also offer information on the living Maya, who
maintain their traditional culture, art, and languages in Mexico,
Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. In addition it will support a
campaign to protect the Usumacinta River, the watershed at the heart
of the Maya civilization, from a planned hydroelectric dam.

In real life, Usu (Dave Pentecost) is a freelance TV and web video
producer, and technical director of the Lower Eastside Girls Club, a
non-profit in New York City. This summer, with help from Techsoup, he
started using Second Life in science, math, and design programs with
the girls. Usu quickly found an ally in Rain Noonan, of Second Life
Library and Info Island II. Rain also encouraged him to begin
developing the Maya museum.

"We are very excited to have this wonderful exhibit on Info Island
II," said Rain Noonan of the Second Life Library.

Usu notes that the museum is a collaboration with FAMSI, the
Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.
( FAMSI supports archaeological research and maintains a
large archive of study materials. In particular, Xibalba's exhibits
will feature the photography of Justin Kerr, and the drawings of Linda
Schele, who sparked a revolution in Maya studies – the breaking of the
Maya code.

"Palenque was ground zero for the deciphering of the Maya glyphs" says
Usu. "I'd like to show both the work done by scholars over the last 30
years and by the Maya over 1000 years ago. The immersive environment
of SL should inspire people to visit the Maya sites in real life."

The exhibit is open now but is still evolving. Future plans include
scuba diving from dugout canoes in the nearby lake, to retrieve
artifacts for the museum.

The real launch will happen on Day of the Dead, November 1, 2006, with
the opening of the first show, "Maya Avatars in the Otherworld."

IM Usu Ventura for more information.

Author Jon Klement to Speak on Superhero Writings

Author Greyfox Book (Jon Klement) in real life will present a program
at the Info island open auditorium at 6 pm sl on Thursday September
"Rush and the Grey Fox" is a series of super-hero novels published by Coscom
Entertainment. Volume One was released in November 2005 and Volume Two is
scheduled to release January 2007. Come and meet the author. Jon Klement is a
high school science educator and is passionately interested in encouraging
young people to read and reach their potential as well as crafting highly
entertaining super-hero/sci-fi stories for ALL ages.
For more information about Rush and the Grey Fox, visit

Book Discussion on Wednesday
Join the Second Life Library book discussion group on Wednesday at 7
pm sl in the main meeting room of the library for a discussion of
"Rusty Nail" lead by Maxito Ricardo.

Rock-A-Hula at Library Beach Club on Friday
Who said Elvis was dead? Join us at the TX950 Library Beach Club from
6-8 pm sl for fun in the surf and sand, dancing, music, and Elvis of
course. Librarians are a fun bunch and we want to meet you. (Info
Island 94, 49,22)

Info Island Orientation
There will be a tour of Info Island on Thursday September 21 at 5 pm
sl for 45 minutes.

For more information please contact Lorelei Junot.

Info island this week

Monday 9/18 at 9 a.m. sl - Info Island orientation - meet at main library
Wed. 9/20 at 9 pm. sl - Book discussion of Rusty Nail at main library meeting room
Thursday 9/21 at 8 pm sl - Author Greyfox Book (Jon Clements in rl) at open air auditorium
Friday 9/22 at 8 pm sl - Rock a Hula Beach party at TX950 Beach Club - Prizes for best costumes
Sunday 9/24 at 7 pm sl - Info Island Orientation meets at main library
Sunday 9/24 at 8 pm sl - All staff meeting at main library meeting room

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September 11 program draws 30 people

The September 11 commemorative program drew about 30 people who shared their experiences of that day and how it affected their lives. Everyone held candles and people continued to talk after the program ended. Several added their artwork to the September 11 display on Info Island. This display will be available into mid-October if you have not had a chance to see it.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Talis announces winners of International Mashing the Library Up 2006: Alliance Second Life Library Project Wins Second Place!

This information taken from theTalis website:

Talis is delighted to announce the winners of the first competition intended to openly encourage innovation in the display, use, and reuse of data from and about libraries - Mashing Up The Library 2006.

First Prize

The First prize of £1,000 was awarded to John Blyberg of Ann Arbor District Library in Ann Arbor, MI. His entry, Go-Go-Google-Gadget, shows how simply library information can be integrated into the personalised home page offered by Google, and is described by competition sponsor and member of the judging panel, Talis’ Paul Miller, as “an excellent example of taking information previously locked inside the library catalogue and making it available to patrons in other contexts where they may spend more time than they do in their catalogue.” Available information includes new and the most popular material in the library, and patron-specific information on checked-out and requested items. ‘Superpatron’ Ed Vielmetti applauded the simplicity of this entry, remarking in a clear invitation for others to follow John’s lead that “the visible source code is very tiny and easily hackable.” Vanderbilt University’s Marshall Breeding concluded, “I like this entry’s spirit of opening up information in the library system and putting it under the control of the user."

In recognition of the current exchange rate, the sum of $2,000 has been paid to John.

Second Prize

The Second prize of £500 was awarded to the Alliance Library System in East Peoria, IL, and their global partners in the Second Life Library. Their entry, the Alliance Second Life Library 2.0, was described by Talis’ Miller as “both a testament to international co-operation amongst libraries and a compelling demonstration of the ways in which traditional library functions can be extended into cyberspace, reaching new audiences in ways exciting and relevant to them as they live their lives.”

In recognition of the current exchange rate, the sum of $1,000 has been paid to the Alliance Library System, and they intend to use the funds to extend their work within Second Life.

For all those users of libraries who have ever wished they could bring information from their library to life outside the virtual walls of its web site, this competition presented an ideal opportunity to see some of what the future might hold.

From Jon Udell's early work with LibraryLookup to the current fashion for Greasemonkey plug-ins and the more structured exposure of Web Services by Talis, Amazon, Google and others, there are significant advances being made in the ways in which libraries offer their services to the outside world. At least as important is the revolution occurring outside the library, as those beyond the walls take and manipulate library data on their own.

Modern approaches to thinking about provision of library data and services online create opportunities for numerous applications beyond the traditionally defined library management system. By adhering to standards from the wider Web community, by considering the library system as an interlocking set of functional components rather than a monolithic black box, and by taking a bold new approach to defining the ways in which information from and about libraries are ‘owned’ and exposed to others, we make it straightforward for information from the library to find its way to other places online.

Rather than being locked inside the library system, your data can add value to the experience of your users wherever they are, whether it’s Google, Amazon, the institutional portal, or one of the social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook. By unlocking data and the services that make use of it, the possibilities are literally endless, and it is here that efforts such as those around the Talis Library Platform become important.

One very early example of combining library data with other sources in order to add value to both is the whole area of the ‘Mashup’. Mashups are not only found in the library world, but are proving increasingly prevalent in association with a whole host of Web 2.0 companies and ideas. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, defines a Mashup as;

“... a website or web application that uses content from more than one source to create a completely new service.”

This competition was for anyone in the community that had harbored a yearning to see information from or about libraries put to best use and displayed to best effect alongside information or services from other sources. The Mashing Up The Library competition was open to all, and carried a first prize of £1,000 for the best entry.

This competition is intended to celebrate and showcase all that is best in these efforts to push library information out to existing audiences in new ways, or to reach totally new audiences with compelling and captivating applications. The 2006 competition marks a beginning, and we look forward to watching the sector grow in coming years.

Announcement of the Mashing Up The Library competition in June generated great enthusiasm amongst diverse groups across the world. Tim Spalding of LibraryThing commented “LibraryThing draws on libraries for its data, so I'm well aware how rich this is, and how relatively unexploited by programmers in general. I'm looking forward to seeing what creative mashers do”.

Helene Blowers, Public Service Technology Director, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County Charlotte, North Carolina commented, “I think it's exciting to see a major library automation company like Talis take the lead in encouraging and rewarding library innovation from the user community. What really sets this competition apart in my mind is that Talis has defined the user community as anybody, not just their customer base. And to raise the innovation bar even higher, potential developers or contest participants don't even have to use or interface with Talis' products to create an entry. That speaks volumes in my book! I'm looking forward to see the entries - and winner too! Thanks again for taking the lead here. It truly is exciting”.

Darlene Fichter, Data Library Co-ordinator for the University of Saskatchewan encouraged, “Love books? Love libraries? Love programming? Here's your chance to dive in and make a mashup with library stuff. It's sure to kick start the creation of several mashups using library data which will benefit everyone”.

At Talis, we recently announced the first set of our Talis Platform Web Services, and we fully expect to see growing awareness of their capabilities leading to a veritable explosion in the ways in which library information can be ‘mashed up’, and a significant lowering of the current barriers to participation and sharing by ordinary libraries around the world. This year’s competition marks a beginning. Improved tools, improved access to data from and about libraries, and increased awareness mean that libraries are in for an exciting and challenging journey.

What’s Next?

The Mashing Up The Library competition marks an important step forward in encouraging open and inclusive innovation from libraries around the world, regardless of their consortial memberships or vendor allegiance. As we move forward and traditional library groupings become less appropriate and sustainable in today’s rapidly changing environment, it becomes increasingly important to encourage open approaches such as these. Talis is committed to helping libraries to reach out to existing and new markets for their capabilities, and the ongoing support of this competition is one aspect of that strategy.

Rather than re-run the same competition again next year, we wish to encourage innovative work on an ongoing basis. As such, the competition web site reopens today, and will accept new entries. We will periodically assemble a team of judges to select the best submissions since the last time entries were judged. In addition, we will seek to reward particularly innovative or compelling examples on an ad hoc basis, outside the normal cycle of judging.

We welcome approaches from library systems vendors and other interested parties willing and able to join us in celebrating and rewarding all that is best in innovating around the display, delivery and use of library information, today and into the future.

The Entries

A total of eighteen entries were received for the competition, spanning everything from very simple enhancements to existing library functions right through to a collaborative effort to provide library services inside the Second Life 3D online digital world. Entries came in from public and academic libraries, as well as from the commercial sector. As is the trend with Mashups more generally, map-based Mashups proved common.

All eighteen entries are described in detail at, and comprise;

Alliance Second Life Library 2.0, submitted by the Alliance Library System in East Peoria, Illinois, on behalf of the gobal staff of the Second Life Library;
Amazon2OU Library Pivot Browsing, submitted by Tony Hirst of the Open University;, submitted by Aaron Huber of the Broward County Library System in Broward County, Florida;
Book Cover Browser, submitted by Mike Cunningham of Cambridge Libraries in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada;
Book Trackr, submitted by Jim Robertson of the New Jersey Institute of Technology;
Consuming Library New Book Feeds, submitted by Tony Hirst of the Open University;
Danish contribution, submitted by Jens Hofman Hansen of the State and University Library, Aarhus, Denmark, on behalf of the summa development team;
Feed Based Library Interface, submitted by Tony Hirst of the Open University;
Go-Go-Google-Gadget, submitted by John F. Blyberg of the Ann Arbor District Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan;
Lib 2.0 library toolbar, submitted by Casey Durfee of the Seattle Public Library, Washington;
The Library Catalogue in Google Desktop, submitted by Art Rhyno of the University of Windsor and Ross Singer of Georgia Tech Library;
LibMap, submitted by Tim Hodson of Herefordshire Libraries;
Library Map Mashup, submitted by Michael McDonnell on behalf of ‘the Bruncherati’, members of a library interest group in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;
Library Patrons Who Borrow Create, submitted by Michael L. Johnson;
Lillian - A Virtual Librarian, submitted by David Burden of DADEN Ltd in Birmingham, UK;
Maps of Place of Publication, submitted by ‘MMcM’;
OU Traveller, submitted by Tony Hirst of the Open University;
NJIT catalog, submitted by Jim Robertson of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The Judging Panel

For this first competition, we assembled a team of judges who offered many valuable insights during the judging process. These judges were:

Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist for;
Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies & Research at Vanderbilt University;
Jenny Levine, well established library blogger as The Shifted Librarian and newly of the American Library Association (ALA);
Paul Miller, Talis;
Andrew Pace, Head of Information Technology at North Carolina State University Libraries;
Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome;
Gary Price, Director of Online Information Resources at and Publisher of;
Tim Spalding, founder of LibraryThing;
Jon Udell, InfoWorld;
Ed Vielmetti,
We certainly owe all of them our thanks for their hard work throughout the competition.


The competition Web site is hosted as part of the TDN; a Talis-supported initiative to support those developing and working with library systems. Like the competition, the TDN is open to anyone, anywhere, regardless of the library system with which they work.

Areas of the TDN support discussion between developers, the sharing of scripts and knowledge, and the provision of access to web services from Talis and others.

Membership of the TDN is free of charge, and more information is available from the TDN site.

Supporting Images

An archive file containing supporting imagery is available for download. This archive comprises;

Portrait of John F. Blyberg of Ann Arbor District Library (AADL), winner of the competition’s first prize;
An image, by John Blyberg, of his winning entry. This image was taken from Flickr, where other versions are also available at ;
A logo for the Second Life Library 2.0, winner of the competition’s second prize;
A screenshot from Second Life ( depicting the outside of the Second Life Library 2.0, and the ‘avatars’ of Talis’ Paul Miller and library technology consultant, Phil Bradley;
Talis logo;
Mashing up the Library competition logo;
Portrait of Dr Paul Miller of Talis, competition organiser and sponsor, and member of the judging panel.


Talis is an established provider of library and information management software to public and academic libraries and has a long history as a technology innovator, a pioneer for open standards, and as a partner for its customers. Working closely with world standards bodies such as World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and NISO, ongoing research activities include Web Services, Services Oriented Architectures, RDF based metadata and RSS.

Talis has recently announced a new Talis Library Platform which is an open, extensible, Web 2.0 based software platform which will be the foundation upon which next generation applications will be developed. The Talis Platform incorporates semantic content management, a global collections directory, with a Service Oriented Architecture that enables low cost institutional integration.

Through the Talis Developer Network, Talis welcomes developers to join its development community and build the next generation of applications and services on a shared platform.

For more information, visit, where you can find detailed information, read our blogs, join our discussion forums, and listen to our industry podcasts.

Further Details

For further details, please contact:

Ceri McCall, Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing., +44 (0)870 400 5029

Paul Miller, Technology Evangelist;, +44 (0)776 974 0083

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New SciFi Fantasy Center; Science Center; more orientations

Info Island now has a new scifi/fantasy center built by Vincent Parvenu. It has three floors and will offer a variety of information, exhibits and programs on science fiction and fantasy literature. Leaders on this project are Michael Maitland and Floria Hand.

Hayduke Ebisu is beginning a Science Center on Info Island II. He is looking for people who would like to get involved in the Science Center to make science easier to understand and to create displays and exhibits on the history of science. Contact Hayduke Ebisu if this interests you.

Info Island will offer two orientations this week, one on Tuesday, September 12 a 4 pm sl and one on Thursday September 14 at 4 pm sl. Everyone is welcome. Contact Abbey Zenith or Lorelei Junot for a tour for your group.

Tour for CMSU Writing Students; Library Beach Club

Maxito Ricardo and Lorelei Juno gave tours of Info Island and the CMSU resource center to approximately 20 students in Dr. Bryan Carter's writing class on Friday. Working with CMSU, Second Life Library will provide library support and assistance to these students whose class meets in Second Life.

Friday night, Second Life Library sponsored a Good-Bye to Summer party at the new beach club to help new librarians and educators get to meet one another. Approximately 25-30 people attended. A fun time was had by all. The library will continue to sponsor social events for librarians, educators, and residents.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Upcoming Info Island Orientations for Librarians and Others

We continue to get new librarians exploring the island, so welcome. I
have set up some Info Island orientation times open to librarians and
others. These are in the immediate future and I will continue to set
them up. If others would like to do some, let me know. We will meet in
front of the library and these last about one hour.
Friday, 9/8 at 8 a.m sl, 10 a.m central, 11 a.m. eastern
Sunday, 9/10 at 4 pm sl, 6 pm central, 7 pm eastern
Sunday, 9/10 at 5 pm sl, 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September 11 - Libraries Remember Display and Program

Here are some photos of the September 11 - Libraries Remember display on Info Island. Stop by to see a replica of the twin towers, a photo montage, and books you can read about what happened that day. Brackish Ludwig designed and built the towers and Lorelei Junot designed the photo montage. Join us on Info Island in the main library meeting room on Monday September 11 at 6 pm sl for an open discussion for attendees to share what happened to them that day and how it affected their lives, and the lives of everyone around the world.

Brack Ludwig, Designer and Bulder of Twin Towers

Sunday, September 03, 2006

September11 - Libraries Remember

The Second Life Library will honor September 11 through a national library program which has existed for four years started by the Bensenville Public Library - September 11 - Libraries Remember. There may be nothing more antithetical to terrorism, hatred, bigotry, and fanaticism than the American Public Library. Libraries all over the world are commemorating September 11 by staying open 24 hours and sponsoring special programs. To pay tribute to September 11, the library will have a display designed by Brackish Ludwig with a photo montage and replicas of the twin towers before and after September 11, 2001. The display will be open later this week. Most people can remember what they were doing on Pearl Harbor Day and on September 11, 2001. On Monday night, September 11, at 6 pm sl, the library will have a program where anyone who wishes to come can share their memories of September 11 and how it has affected life around the world. The program will be open mic and everyone is welcome to share.

The Second Life Library on Info Island is pleased to welcome a new non-profit partner: The Lower Eastside Girls Club. The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York has built a kiosk on Info Island to give SL residents a look at the programs and the future ofthe club. In the fall of 2006 they will begin establishing a presence
on the Teen Grid and will be using Second Life in their science, math
and technology programs. They also plan to extend their current RL
fashion and design classes into Second Life, designing and selling
clothes for SL residents.

The Girls Club was founded ten years ago to address the lack of girls
clubs in the East Village of New York. That neighborhood was the only
place in the country where Boys Clubs of America did not merge with
Girls Clubs, choosing to maintain boys only facilities. Several
mothers decided to establish a girls club, and worked toward building
a full facility and community center on Avenue D, across from the
housing projects. In spring of 2007 they will break ground on their
building, with help from public and private donations.

Their programs include digital photography, video, blogging and
podcasting; farmers market, nutrition and environmental projects;
entrepreneurship training and commercial bakery; and social activism.
A book of photographs documenting an exchange with Maya women
photographers of Chiapas, Mexico, was published in the spring of 2006.
The kiosk in Second Life will present a featured video or animation
produced by the girls, as well as photos and Girls Club links on a
notecard. The small kiosk will be expanded in the next few months to
show more work by girls.

With help from Info Island and Teen Island, the Girls Club will create
homes in both real life and Second Life. Please stop by the kiosk at
Info Island (19, 158, 33) for more information, or IM LESGC technology
director Usu Ventura in-world.

On Friday, September 8, library staff will give Bryan Mnemonic's English class from Central Missouri State University a tour of Info Island and resources available. If you would like a tour for your class or group, please contact Lorelei Junot or Abbey Zenith.

Aura Lily and Ancient Egypt in Second Life

Aura Lily has built a wonderful display on Info Island and has built an
immersive environment of Egyptian artifacts in Second Life. On Monday,
September 4 at 8 pm sl time the libary will sponsor a program beginning
at her exhibit on Info Island and progressing to a tour of her
wonderful work. as an example of an immersive environment experience. We will
meet at the main library, visit her exhibit on Info Island and then
tour her place.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Program on Academic Library Collaboration in Second Life

Collaboration Opportunities for Academic Libraries in Second Life

Join Lori Bell, Tom Peters, and other librarians for a roundtable discussion of the opportunities for worthwhile collaboration among academic libraries in Second Life, a 3-dimensional virtual reality environment.

This fall over 50 institutions of higher education are offering (or preparing to offer) courses in Second Life. Learn what libraries of all types involved in the Alliance Second Life Library 2.0 project are doing to meet the teaching, learning and research needs of these courses being held in Second Life. Explore how academic libraries can collaborate while still providing access to local resources and services, and thus avoid re-inventing the wheel. Second Life Library is also collaborating with tne New Media Consortium (NMC) to provide library services in Second Life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 beginning at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 1:00 Central, Noon Mountain, 11:00 a.m. Pacific, and 6:00 p.m. GMT

Sponsor: Alliance Library System.
Location: OPAL Auditorium.

URL to enter the online meeting room: